About us

The Azienda Agricola San Lorenzo is located about 1 -2 km far from Fiuggi Thermal resorts, in a site owned by our ancestors since more than a Century. It recently (from 1995 on) resumed its activity, when our family (Giorgio, Mariapia, Francesco, Paolo, Benedetta and Silvia) moved from Rome up here.
Besides the farm activity (certified as organic), and the production and sale of the outcomes of the field (both as such or in the form of preserves), the Azienda provides services of farm holiday (both food and lodging) in a warm and family-style atmosphere securing quiet and rest.


The Azienda lies on an important archaeological site. Since ever one knew about the system of five big water reservoirs, with a total capacity of about 3.000.000 litres, dating from a time between II Century b.C. and the beginning of I Century a.C, They quite likely were fed by what is now known as the Fiuggi water. Within the reservoirs, in the Middle Age, a small Monastry was lodged, devoted to Saint Laurence, at first established by the Templar Knights and later ruled by the Saint Benedict monks of Subiaco.
Also, one knew about the existence of a stoned road connecting the structure to the old Roman Prenestina way, in its part from Acuto to Anticoli, the Fiuggi of today.
More recently, some preliminare searches led by the Archaeological Authority in Lazio inside the site of the Azienda, allowed to identify a network of walls (mostly underground) and a thermal structure with rooms and baths. A very nice mosaic, with a faunus’ head, was also brought to the light, along with a big jar.

"Fiuggi, archaeological searching at the San Lorenzo site"

Report about the state of findings in the area - March 2010
by Dr. Sandra Gatti, Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Lazio

Watch the video made by Fiuggi Web TV about Roman age archaelogical items found in loco: