Food Service

The Azienda follows a strict program of organic agriculture, certified by IMC (Mediterranean Institute of Certification). It grows cereals, outcomes from the vegetable garden, fruits (especially berries), and animals (sheep, bees, chicken and hens).
The products of the Azienda are available on the spot as such. They are also processed to produce jams, marmelades, honey, vegetables in oil, paté, sorbets, icecreams, cakes and pies.

The products of the Azienda are the main ingredients for tasty recipes: gnocchetti with “cime di rapa” and sheep cheese, soups with cereals and beans,  pork “stracotto” with red wine, custard pie, icecreams and sherbets with wild berries.



Our location is open for wedding, christening, birthday, banquets and parties, providing catering service inside or outside the Azienda itself.

Our plates